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It's either him or me. We have done nothing. Ships can't rival aircraft for speed. He just missed the bus.

A soldier is an anachronism of which we must get rid. He is superior to me in his good knowledge of English. I have another remark to make. Mikael followed Kenneth in. Liyuan knows who killed his dog. You'd have to ask her.

Clark told me you were afraid. You damn idiot!

I'll be happy to do it. I'm not very good. People always seem to enjoy talking about other people's problems. His death grieves all of his friends. Adam has bigger fish to fry. What a wonderful gift! Basically, you're absolutely right. Do you have other pictures of her? I've seen much of him recently. Leslie is a basket case.

You have cream on the top of your nose.

I am faced with a mountain of problems. We're out of chairs. Would you mind eating while standing up? I couldn't restrain a smile. I want her to be happy. The moon does not shine as brightly as the sun. Juliet has been here too long. Kounosuke Sakazaki belongs to "THE ALFEE".

Please say it in English. He went. I had to help with the housework. She burst into tears. I don't think I have to spell it out for you. There are roses behind the steel building. You can go home after you have finished this work. You have friends who can help you, don't you? She has expensive tastes in cars. Why learn Klingon?

Off with their heads!

Herve picked up his keys. The teacher asked me if I was ready, adding that everybody was waiting for me at the school gate. Delbert will stop you.

I didn't say they must suppress it. I got this recipe from a magazine. Can you say much in Dutch? Do it yourself and that at once. What I drink the most is coffee. How long does it take to get to the beach? I'm still working on that.

I just need a little air. It's Thursday. We should observe our traffic rules. So far, your action seems completely groundless. Could you spare a few hours? His character was formed in his childhood.

He's going to testify for us. Look what Kamiya got. Have you got any ideas yet? It's wobbling.

They are a good airline to fly with. They'll fail. Hohn did everything by himself. May I trouble you for the salt? They said they're exhausted. Excuse me but may I ask for your name and contact information? No one pays attention to her. I don't think Phiroze will agree to do that.

I have been with you every step of the way these past couple of weeks.

I hear you're selling your car. What do you want for it? I can't stand Jay. He has a lot of debts. He speaks as if he had read the book before. Bernie is a southpaw. Roland has missed three deadlines in a row. The bank robbers dispersed in all directions. Sam hasn't sent the parcel yet.

Are you able to grant us a special discount of 5% for 50 sets of the product? We used to play cards all day and night. The water is really dirty. Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century. I wish summer would never end. You'd better ask Terri if he minds. Barbara can be reasoned with.

Do you think Moe knows how to swim? When did you begin studying French? It isn't anywhere near as hot today as it was yesterday. I've never sung this before. Ning's wife picked him up.